New Curriculum for Non-Maintained Childcare Settings

New Curriculum for Non-Maintained Childcare Settings

The curriculum for non-maintained childcare settings has been adopted not only by settings offering Early Years Education places, but also by those offering Flying Start and even by many schools in their nursery and reception classes.

The new Curriculum for non-maintained settings:

“seeks to engender in practitioners and children a sense of belonging and pride, celebrating the diverse culture of modern Wales and helping children develop a sense of cynefin*. It has been developed to support our work with children at the very beginning of the 3 to 16 learning continuum, to ensure they have the best possible start on their journey.” 

(Taken from the Curriculum for funded Non-maintained Nursery Settings, 2022.)

*Cynefin The place where we feel we belong, where the people and landscape around us are familiar, and the sights and sounds are reassuringly recognisable. The historic, cultural, and social place which has shaped and continues to shape the community which inhabits it.


Please find below link to the Professional Learning Modules on Hwb and the Assessment arrangements


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