Work in childcare, play and early years

Work in childcare, play and early years

A career in childcare can be very rewarding. If you’re passionate about working with children and love to see them thrive, a career in childcare could be perfect for you.

High quality childcare and play experiences are vital for young children to be given the opportunity to have the best possible start in life.

Childcare staff play a vital role in supporting children’s development. Through research we know that good quality childcare, especially in a child’s early years, has a positive impact on a child’s outcomes.

Whether you’re thinking about what to do when you finish school, or you’re already working in the childcare sector or even looking to change your career, the Caerphilly Early Years Team can offer you advice and guidance on childcare training opportunities and careers in the sector.

For further information about working in the childcare sector, please visit the WeCare.Wales website.

Note:  WeCare.Wales offer a free one-day training programme for people living in Wales covering the essentials you need to start working in childcare. Find out more and book your place here.

Qualifications you will need

To work in childcare, you will need to work towards a relevant qualification.

Information about the qualifications you need for childcare are available on the Social Care Wales current qualification list or for the relevant Playwork qualification please see the Skills Active list.

Funding opportunities are available to get help towards qualifications costs, including the Progress for Success Programme. This is a Welsh Government and European Social Fund programme which funds existing early years, childcare and play practitioners to undertake recognised childcare and play qualifications.

In addition to your qualifications, further training and Continuing Professional Development is encouraged and will help to keep you up to date with changes in the Early Years and Childcare sector.

We have a dedicated Workforce Development Team to support you with this who provide access to quality training in all aspects of childcare and play. Visit our training and business information section for details and the latest courses available.

Volunteering in the childcare sector

The Caerphilly Early Years Team welcome suitable volunteers who wish to pursue a career in childcare.  If you are interested in volunteering in a childcare setting, we can provide you with opportunities to gain the skills and experience you will need.

We have a designated person responsible for supporting and mentoring our volunteers during their placement.  We may also be able to provide volunteers with any necessary training they need.

Careers Wales

Career Wales can help you to plan your career, prepare to get a job, and find and apply for the right apprenticeships, courses, and training. Visit the Careers Wales website for further details.

Childcare sufficiency

If you are thinking of becoming a childminder or opening a new childcare setting, you should research childcare sufficiency in your area to ensure that your business will be viable, sustainable and that you are meeting the local needs of your community.

Every 5 years the Welsh Government require every local authority across Wales to undertake a Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA).

View the latest childcare sufficiency assessment in the Caerphilly county borough

Want to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about a career in childcare, please contact Claire Williams by email at WILLIC23@CAERPHILLY.GOV.UK.


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