Pregnancy support

Having a healthy pregnancy

Having a healthy pregnancy

There is a lot to think about before getting pregnant. The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board website has lots of information from before becoming pregnant to during pregnancy right through to feeding your baby in the first 6 months and the support they have available.

The section Who will look after me? provides details of professionals who may support you through and after your pregnancy. If you have any antenatal concerns of a medical nature please contact Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr Hospital – Birth Centre. Useful information is also available by following ABUHB Maternity Services on Facebook.

These pages may answer some of your questions as your child grows and develops. If they do not, or you need support, please contact us or complete our Antenatal and Early Years Registration Form.

You can get lots of information by attending the Gwent Antenatal Programme .

Gwent Antenatal Programme

The Gwent Antenatal programme provides information and support through pregnancy and after birth and you can access many information sessions, community courses and online courses outlined below:

Antenatal Information Sessions

You can attend a local Antenatal Information session which provides information on all services available before and after birth. These are open to all expectant parents following their 20 week scan. There is an opportunity to speak to a midwife, health visitor and staff from the Responsive Feeding Team. You can also find out about the support that is available from Families First, Family Support and the Early Years Hub. You will receive an invitation to one of these sessions automatically following your scan or you can sign up here.

Sign up for the Antenatal Information Sessions here

Antenatal Courses

While you are pregnant you may want to learn more about pregnancy, your developing baby, their brain development, relationships,  giving birth and what to expect when the baby arrives. The Solihull Antenatal course is a 5 week programme for expectant parents and their families. It covers topics that help to provide an understanding of pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby. The group is led by Family Support Workers, Health Visitors and Midwives. The group provides an opportunity to meet other expectant parents and families in a nurturing environment.

Sign up for the Antenatal Courses here

If you prefer you can access this Solihull Antenatal Course and many others online. Go to and use access code GEYAP for free access.

Bright Beginnings

Once your baby is born, Bright Beginnings is a free 8 week course that supports parents in the early months.  Parents will receive support, information, and advice on a range of topics including feeding, developmental milestones, home safety, well-being and baby massage.

For more information visit the Bright Beginnings webpage.

Healthy Start

If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4, you may be entitled to get help to buy healthy food and milk.

Find out if you can get help to buy food and milk on the NHS Healthy Start website.

Supporting you

Advice to help you with the day to day challenges of being a parent is available from the Welsh Government. Visit their Parenting. Give it Time website for free practical tips and expert advice for all your parenting challenges.

Talk with me

Your child’s brain is always growing and making new connections. When you talk with your little one, you help their brain to grow even more, giving them the best start in life. Playing, listening, and chatting with them can help them learn to talk. This will mean they can make friends more easily and help them to feel happier.

We have lots of tools, tips, and advice to help you to get your little one talking.

Watch me…

From before they are born until they grow up, you can have a positive impact on your child. Look at these fun videos for our top ten tips to get your child talking.

Let’s Talk with Your Baby

Let’s Talk with your baby is a FREE, fun and interactive course for all families with babies aged 3-12 months. It is run by the Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations (GAVO) in association with ELKLAN and can be delivered either online or in person. It offers structured time to engage and play together, whilst gaining some top tips on supporting the development of babies’ speech and language skills both now and in the future. Visit the Gavo website for details or register here.



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