Funded placements register guidance

The information on this page is for early years practitioners and relevant professionals working with families in the Caerphilly county borough only

Funded placements register guidance

How to complete your registers

If you are providing Flying Start childcare, Assisted Places, or Early Years Education you must complete weekly attendance registers.

Monitoring attendance of childcare placements is important, and when a child is absent or was not brought, this should be recorded accurately, and any concerns raised in accordance with the Admission, Attendance and Transition Policy. There is also a requirement of the funding that we provide attendance figures to the Welsh Government.

How we generate registers

Registers are produced by the Early Years Hub Team, using the information you provide on the Individual Placement Form (ICP).

At the start of every term, we will email you your register. If, once the new term has started, there is a new placement or a placement ends, you will need to send us a new ICP form. We will then email you a new register.

When submitting your register, please make sure you are using the most recent register we have sent you.

Completing your register

Your register should be submitted by 5pm every Friday for that week.

Your register will be locked, only allowing you to select the week commencing date and add the attendance codes for each child. Please do not try to amend any child details or add a child. If your register is incorrect, please contact the Early Years Hub to request any changes.

It is important that the correct codes are used against each child. These are automatically generated in a dropdown list. The table below explains each code and when to use it.

There should be no blank fields alongside any child.

Codes Code Name When to use it (*all children should have 5 of these)
/ Present (AM) Use to indicate the child attended during the morning
\ Present (PM) Use to indicate the child attended during the afternoon
I Illness Use if a parent/carer has told the setting that the child is ill and will not be attending.
M Medical/Dental appointment Use if a parent/carer has told you they will not be attending due to a medical or dental appointment.
H Family Holiday Use if a parent/carer has told you they will not be attending due to a being on holiday.
C Other authorised circumstances Use if the parent/carer has told the setting on the day of the absence, or prior to the absence taking place that the child will not be attending, and the absence is ‘Justified’. Use only where the absence is not covered by another absence code. For example, sudden family emergency.
O Child was not brought (Unauthorised absence) Use if the parent/carer has not informed the setting that the child will be absent.

Use also where the setting has been notified but the reason for absence is not ‘Justified’.

X Reduced childcare placement Use to indicate a reduced childcare placement. Your register will include the number of hours each child is funded to attend.

If a child is funded to attend less than 5 sessions, an X must be added to the other sessions to make up to 5.

For example, a child attending Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, the relevant attendance codes should be selected to show present or absent. As they are not attending all 5 sessions, an X must be added for the other two sessions, Thursday morning and Friday morning. We use this to monitor when children are not taking up all 5 sessions.

Y Partial or enforced closure Use when the setting is closed due to inclement weather, heating or staffing issues and for inset days. Use also if a child is not able to attend if you are working on reduced numbers.
Z Child not started at the setting Use this code when the child has not yet started their placement. (Not due to start that week). If due to start but was not brought, this should be an unauthorised absence (O)


Codes Code Name When to use it (*all children should have 5 of these)
# Session is not relevant to the child Use this code for the 5 sessions in the week that are not relevant to the child.

For example, where a child is attending 5 morning sessions, the relevant attendance or absence code should be used for each of the morning sessions. A # should be used for all 5 afternoon sessions.

Use also for bank holidays.

Print codes as PDF here

Submission and encrypted emails

Registers must be submitted weekly on a Friday by 5pm to

It is crucial that you submit your register on time. If you do not, your payment will be placed on hold.

You must submit the register using email encryption. This is required by law to protect personal information. We will send you your register using email encryption. This protection follows the life cycle of the email. Therefore, you can simply open the register in the email, complete it, reply to the email, attach the completed register, and send.

Please save the file name using the following format: Funding type – Setting Name – Week Commencing Date.

For example: Flying Start – Little People Childcare Setting – 17.04.2023

Who to contact for help

For any queries relating to the submission of registers please contact your Childcare Officer or the Early Years Hub Team.


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