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About us

The Caerphilly Early Years and Childcare team provide information, advice and support for expectant parents and families with young children aged 0-7 years living in the Caerphilly county borough.

Our service consists of three main areas, Early Years HubEarly Intervention Team, and Childcare.

Early Years Hub

The Early Years Hub, which includes the Family Information Service, is the main contact point for any professional, parent, or family member who needs information, advice, and support. Our Early Years Hub Officers are on hand to listen to your situation, and help you access the services that will best support you.

The Hub can offer support on a wide range of areas including:

If you need advice and support, contact the Early Years Hub.

Early Intervention Team

Working alongside other agencies, the Early Intervention Team provide tailored specialist support to families to improve their outcomes and reach their goals and aspirations. It does this through positive engagements, finding out more about your strengths, exploring your needs and helping you to identify the things that matter to you.

Early intervention can take different forms, from home visiting programmes to support vulnerable parents, to school-based programmes to improve children’s social and emotional skills.

The Early Intervention Team offer advice and support in the following key areas:

  • Pregnancy and preparing for parenthood
  • Family life
  • Child behaviour
  • Speech, language and communication
  • Child development

If you need support in any of these areas, contact the Early Years Hub.


The Childcare Team work to ensure that there are high quality early years education places, childcare places and play opportunities for children and their families in the Caerphilly county borough.

The team has a statutory responsibility to assess both childcare and play sufficiency and works with local providers and services to help meet demand, minimise gaps and continually improve quality.

Visit our childcare pages for further information or contact the Early Years Hub.

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