Flying Start childcare – information for childcare providers

Flying Start Childcare – Information for providers

All children living in a Flying Start area are entitled to a funded childcare place from the term following their second birthday up until the end of the term that they turn three and are eligible for an Early Years Education place.

Children are entitled to a 2.5 hour session per day, 5 days a week, term time only. There may be circumstances, such as working families, who wish to use 2 sessions per day to support their work pattern.

Visit the Flying Start Childcare parent page for further details of the application process.

To accompany this page, we have prepared a series of frequently asked questions you may find useful.

How to become a Flying Start Childcare provider

Flying Start childcare pays particular importance to the quality of the childcare. Therefore, to offer Flying Start at your setting, there are certain quality criteria that you must be able to demonstrate. We can support you to achieve this.

If you are not yet offering Flying Start at your setting but would like to, please contact your Childcare Officer or the Early Years Hub for support.

Updating Dewis

Once a parent has received notification that their application for Flying Start childcare has been approved, they are advised to arrange a placement with their preferred Flying Start childcare setting. For this, they are directed to a list powered by Dewis.

Therefore, it is vitally important that your Dewis resources are accurate and not expired. Once you have been approved, we will add the hashtag #CCBCFlyingStart into your resource description. Please do not remove this or your resource will not appear on the list. You can login to update Dewis here.


Providers are paid £16 per 2.5 hour session booked.

Payment are made directly into the bank no later than the 1st day of the month for Flying Start provided during the previous month.

View childcare payment schedule

Individual Child Placement (ICP) Form

The Flying Start Individual Child Placement Form should be completed by the childcare provider after an agreement to provide childcare has been reached with the parents/guardians.

Before funding can start, you will need to complete an Individual Child Placement (ICP) Form. For this you will need the ‘Eligibility Code and ‘Eligibility Term/Dates that are included in the parents’ approval email. It is important that you complete this form with the parent present so both parties are clear what is being requested.

Individual Child Placement (ICP) Form

Funding cannot start until we have approved the ICP and confirmed the funding Start Date, End Date and Funded Hours. Both you and the parent will receive an email to confirm this.

We aim to process your ICP Form within 10 working days, however, during busy periods this may take longer. If the form is incomplete this may also delay the process.

If a parent wishes to make a change to their funded hours (this cannot exceed 5 sessions of 2.5 hours) or end a placement early, they will need to discuss this with you, and you will need to submit a new ICP Form.

Note:  The contractual agreement to provide childcare is between the parents/guardians and the childcare provider and should be legally enforced through the signing of a setting contract between parents/guardians and their chosen childcare provider.

Accessing your Caerphilly Connect account

To access the ICP form you must sign into your Caerphilly Connect account.

We have created these accounts for you with the permissions you need so that only contracted Flying Start providers can access it. All Flying Start providers should have received their logon details from us by email but if you are not sure what email address to use, please contact us. If you need to, you can reset your password using the Forgot Password link.

If you part complete an ICP form, you can access it later by logging on to the Caerphilly Connect dashboard here . Here you can access submitted forms (referred to as service requests) and forms in draft (forms not yet submitted).

Attendance Registers

If you are providing Flying Start childcare, Assisted Places, or Early Years Education you must complete weekly attendance registers.

Monitoring attendance of childcare placements is important, and when a child is absent or was not brought, this should be recorded accurately, and any concerns raised in accordance with the Admission, Attendance and Transition Policy. There is also a requirement of the funding that we provide attendance figures to the Welsh Government.

Please follow the link to our Funded placements register guidance – Caerphilly Early Years

Further information

If you have any queries or need support, please contact the Early Years Hub.


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