Early Years Emerging Needs Panel

Early Years Emerging Needs Panel

We want all children to become independent learners who are confident and thrive in a fun learning environment. However, some children struggle with this and need more targeted support to help them settle into a childcare setting and develop their independence skills.

The Early Years Emerging Needs Panel identifies children who may need this additional level of support above the universal provision. The panel is used to gather information and discuss transition points, for example, when a child moves into Early Years Education, to ensure the child has the support they need.

The panel meets three times a year just before each half term. This ensures professionals working with the child have time to plan and support the child’s placement the following term.

Information is presented to the panel members by professionals working with the child and family so that they can decide if the childcare setting needs any further support to meet the child’s needs, such as training on strategies, specialist equipment, or any additional support.

Once the panel have agreed the level of support required, the child’s parent is notified of this by email. The parent can then present this email to their childcare settings who will use it to request the funding for the additional support agreed.

Before the childcare placement starts there is a Person-Centred Planning (PCP) Transition meeting with the parent, the childcare provider and any other professionals working with the child. Here, they share information to help compile a One Page Profile which clearly identifies what the child needs support with and the targets for the placement.

Panel members

The panel is made up of early years professionals with vast experience in working with children with varying levels of emerging and complex needs.

Panel members:

  • Chair, Performance Manager, Caerphilly CBC
  • Early Years Manager, CCBC
  • Early Intervention Manager, CCBC
  • Childcare Manager, CCBC
  • Health Visiting Operational Manager, ABUHB
  • Statutory Officer, CCBC
  • Principal Education Psychologist, CCBC

Presenters to panel include:

  • Team Lead Childcare Advisor, CCBC
  • Team Lead Additional Needs team, CCBC
  • Team Lead Communication, CCBC
  • Social Communication Needs Advisor, CCBC
  • Portage Representative, ABUHB

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