Let’s Talk with Your Baby

Let’s Talk with Your Baby

Let’s Talk with your baby is a FREE, fun and engaging 8-week programme for children aged 3-12 months. It is run by the Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations (GAVO) in association with ELKLAN and can be delivered either online or in person. It offers structured time to engage and play together, whilst gaining some top tips on supporting the development of babies’ speech and language skills both now and in the future.

Topics include:

  • Let’s look
  • Let’s feel
  • Let’s watch
  • Let’s make a noise
  • Let’s splash
  • Let’s take turns
  • Let’s move
  • Let’s chill

Interested in attending?

If you would like to attend this training please register here.

To discuss further call 07415 342143 / 07415 348967  or email lets-talk@gavo.org.uk.


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