I can learn our language and culture from you!

12 July, 2022

It’s never too early to use more than one language with your little one. From birth, children can learn more than one language. The most important things are to:

  • Use the language you are most comfortable with
  • Use languages in a way that feels natural for you
  • Give lots of opportunities to hear each language
  • Have fun learning together

For more information about bilingualism visit https://babylab.brookes.ac.uk/bilingualism

For more information on interacting with young children, visit GOV.Wales – Talk with me.

FREE Training: Access a free online short course to learn about children’s speech, language and communication development, how to support these skills in setting and how to spot children who might be struggling to develop these important skills. To access visit https://ican.org.uk/i-cans-talking-point/cpd-short-course/.


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