Welsh in Education Strategic Plan 2022-2032

Welsh in Education Strategic Plan 2022-2032

We have an ambitious target to increase the number of pupils taught through the medium of Welsh by 2032 and have developed high level actions through all aspects of our Welsh in Education Strategic Plan to achieve this.

The plan outlines how we intend to work with the Welsh Government and a wide range of stakeholders to work towards delivering the Cymraeg 2050 ambition of 1 million Welsh speakers as well as the Programme for Government 2021-2026. The funding will support our aspirations for the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act for a vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language regardless of socio demographic context. The plan is intrinsically linked to delivering our integrated targets, using the sustainable development principles, across the Caerphilly County Borough including Childcare Sufficiency Assessment plan 2022-2027, the Welsh Language Strategy 2022-2027 and our Caerphilly Corporate Plan 2018-2023 especially Objective 1 Improve Education Opportunities for All, and the Strategic Equality Plan 2020-2024 Objective 5 – Welsh Language.

Our 10 year target over the lifespan of this plan is to increase the places in year 1 to between 26% (520) and 30% (600) of children in Welsh medium education by 2030/31.

The minimum target of 26% for learners in year 1 by 2032 is set by Welsh Government in order to meet the 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050 target. In order to meet this ambitious target, we will need to build a new Primary School and expand others to create the places. In addition, we will need a communication plan to increase the take up of those places and our starting point will need additional provision in Ti a Fi and Cylchoedd in the early years.

When we expand our Welsh medium provision, we will also need to expand our Welsh speaking workforce along with a substantial number of other actions highlighted at the end of each outcome area of the plan and detailed in our annual action plan.


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